Two for the Price of One

Strathcona Provincial Park, located on Vancouver Island, is big. At 250,000 hectares, it was designated as a provincial park in 1911, and is the largest in British Columbia.

Within the park are several campgrounds, one of which is at Ralph River. So for a couple of days last week, my wife and I packed up the car and drove for over 3 hours to what turned out to be the most desirable campsite in the park.  

Little did we know, is that Wednesday was to be our best day weather wise. Thursday was wet and cool. After wandering around some of the shoreline of Buttle Lake, (named after John James Taylor Buttle, a surveyer and cartographer of the mid 1800’s), we decided to take a short drive to Mayra Falls. The pictures to follow are just before the final plummet to the lake.

The last time we were here, we walked out on these rocks, but not today; too wet and slippery.

On our way home Friday we stopped at Lupin Falls, just a short walk from the highway. Just like at Myra Falls, the rain had brought out all the hidden shades in the rock. This is an entirely different falls; not as much water, higher and in a much more lush setting.

3 thoughts on “Two for the Price of One

  1. Maggie July 16, 2019 / 8:19 pm

    Love the view from the campsite.


  2. SueW July 13, 2019 / 12:45 am

    Fantastic photos Dan.
    Good luck with the block editor. I tried it for a while and found it pretty straight forward but could not see the advantage in using it. I’m now back with the Classic.


  3. margaret21 July 12, 2019 / 10:53 pm

    Great photos of one of the many parts of Vancouver Island we didn’t have the chance to explore. And block editor? What a nightmare. Haven’t a clue. I use the trad way still. Dunno what I’ll do if they stop allowing it.


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