Rainy Days and Sunshine.

The weather the other day was a mixed bag of sun one minute followed by rain followed by sun followed…. well you get the picture.

Speaking of pictures, the poppies here on Vancouver Island are in full bloom. And with the raindrops clinging to the petals, the sun transformed them into tiny jewels. Luckily I noticed this. A photo op for sure.

Here are a couple of shots I got in just before it started to rain, again. Enjoy. cheers.

DSC_0986 (2)

DSC_0985 (2)




4 thoughts on “Rainy Days and Sunshine.

  1. Dan Drews June 20, 2018 / 8:14 pm

    They look great while they are here, and then they are quickly gone. cheers.


    • Dan Drews June 20, 2018 / 8:16 pm

      This is a new garden to us, only being here since last August. The tulips and poppies were a nice surprise. Cheers.

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  2. margaret21 June 11, 2018 / 12:21 am

    Our weather is very odd this year. The clothes you put on when you get up may not be right at all even only a couple of hours later. But those photos are glorious! Poppies are what early summer is for.


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